Surviving Sydney


Sydney Forrest has secrets. A forensic scientist for a clandestine international firm by day, by night she assumes whatever identity is needed to search for those who are lost, the ones time has forgotten.

Returning to the States from a two-month assignment in Bahrain, Jordan Dunham wants answers. A mysterious disc has shown up, one that could ultimately blow their cover and endanger Sydney’s life. But as much as he wants answers, there’s something he wants even more, Sydney, the enigmatic beauty always just beyond his grasp.

When she narrowly escapes an attempt on her life, Dunham will use everything in his military and professional background to keep her safe and draw on everything in his emotional arsenal to make her his.

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Amazingly Sexy and couldn’t put it down – 5 out of 5 Stars
So I bought this for my girlfriends birthday present and downloaded onto her ipad as a surprise, but the cover seriously looked so amazing. I started reading the first page and damn i was hooked. I havent been able to put it down. Im a 30 something male and would have never ever read one of these books. Until NOW. This has be the sexiest smoothest read of any book Ive ever seen before. Two words…Gimme More. I just downloaded her next book and can’t wait to start reading it. PLEASE keep them coming. I love it all keep my mind exploring sexuality like I never thought I could before…PS my girlfriend is going to love me now 🙂

They have to make a movie of this ! – 5 out of 5 Stars

They have to make a movie of this ! Okay, it wouldn’t be G rated (but who watches those unless forced to in a plane or accompanied by children ?) but it’s got all the elements, a great who-done-it plot, a mysterious villain, attractive (okay, gorgeous) main characters, action, violence, Hot Sex, psychological twists, slightly Kinky Sex, make-you-blush-even-when-reading-it-alone Erotic Descriptions and – best of all – some of the most realistic, funny, colloquial (but never vulgar) dialogue since Elmore Leonard (May He Rest In Peace) left the scene.
Who else could write, “It was just the look I was going for: Pebbles Flintstone on Crack…” ? And the whole book is like that – witty put-downs, snappy come-backs and more unexpected comparisons and plot twists than you could imagine, besides the fact that you get narration from two different viewpoints – from Sydney and also from Jordan, which somehow increases the sexual tension.
The erotic descriptions that get us squirming as we read the story might not be able to be spelled out on screen, but a good film director would be able to get the ideas across without so many words (remember how you knew exactly what was going on in Body Heat and The Big Easy and Don’t Look Now…? ).
What I haven’t been able to decide is: Who could play Sydney ? Has to be smart, hot, and also able to make you laugh without losing her sex appeal (so, no Phyllis Diller or ZsaZsu Pitts types)… In the old days it could have been a young Rosalind Russell or Eve Arden (long before Our Miss Brooks — but they didn’t make movies like this back in the Year of the Black Snow, did they?)
My best candidate might be Sandra Bullock or Katherine Heigl, who did a great Stephanie Plum. But this has got to get to the Big Screen – if there are more novels like this from Shelby Kent-Stewart, it could become a film dynasty to rival the Lethal Weapon series!
Great novel! Bring on some more!

A Dark Sexy “Must Read” – 5 out of 5 Stars
This again was a present for my recent engagement from a friend. I LOVED IT! I am now head-over-heels for this author. This book was dark, steamy and so wonderfully written I could almost feel the characters jump out of the pages. She captured me in a world so complex and pleasurable that I was sad when I had finished it. My only solace now is knowing that she has plenty more books for me to read. I have no doubt that she is one of the best erotic fiction writers in America. I shall now be reading her every work.

Keep them coming Shelby, they are an amazing and fantastical escape into a sensual world.
READ THIS BOOK! You will definitely be missing out if you don’t.


  1. Deb Thomas

    Shelby Kent Stewart is a superb author of mystery, crime and a bit of delicious erotica. She also adds just touch of a supernatural element in her main character,Sydney. The kind of thing we’ve all experienced (one way or another) in our lifetime. That tap on the shoulder,(so to speak) or the gut feeling we sometimes ignore. That metaphysical element we’ve perhaps experienced is another thing that drew me in!

    As an avid reader I’d always leaned toward crime novels, and have read most series on the NYTimes best list.
    Recently I discovered Shelby Kent Stewart, and what a find! I just read “Surviving Sydney” I was unable to put it down! Because I’m not on vacation I had to pick it up whenever the opportunity rose & that was hard to do! I’d be in heaven with the thought of having a stack of Shelby Kent Stewart novels packed away in my suit case heading to the beach. Something I have to look forward to this summer!
    “Surviving Sydney” is a delicious treat,filled with intrigue,crime & mystery! The story keeps you captivated, wanting to dive in & only come up for an occasional meal or glass of wine. It was the erotica that pleasantly surprised me. Hot & steamy & I believe Shelby writes directly to every woman’s appetite & satisfies! A delicate balance,so well written that it was the mystery & intrigue that gripped me,& the erotica that made me feel deeply female in every wanted way! It was just a magnificent amount of “hot” without being gratuitous.
    As you can tell, I’m hooked!

    I just started Book 2 by Shelby Kent Stewart “Blessing”
    Again, I want to savour each page! It too is a real page turner! Once again I am captivated with each character, stealing moments or an hour here & there to get back to it. Each character frozen where I’d left them, & thinking of them when I’m not reading.

    Seeing how many more novels written by Shelby Kent Stewart, I realize that I will be able to fill up my beach bag with many more of her novels. I love paper back books, but since being on this site I see there is no need, her books are just a click away on Amazon. Good! So when I spread the word to my adult daughter & many adult nieces they can get Shelby Kent Stewart novels that way.

    Now I am beyond excited that I wrote this, in hopes that there is a woman out there (or man) that wants an opinion on what book to read, you will not be dissapointed! I can’t think of a better addition this summer than Surviving Sydney, or any one of her novels! I’m thoroughly enthralled with “Blessing” right now, & have “Brat” as my 3rd novel of hers.

    A huge thank you to the author, Shelby Kent Stewart, for her work to entertain & delight her readers.

    • Shelby

      Deb, a simple ‘thank you’ isn’t enough. You have no idea what your kind words mean to me or how much I appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts. What a gift you are! Love and light, S.


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