My heartfelt thanks to these wonderful authors who took the time to interview me. Not only were they fun, but I learned a thing or two about myself. Enjoy!

Ashlee Shades

There are some authors out there who are selfless and so extremely supportive. Shelby Kent-Stewart is one of them. She is also an advocate for those who are suffering and innocent – whether it be survivors of abuse to animals in need of care. Shelby stands up for those who can’t stand for themselves and she gives them a voice.

She also defends her friends, fiercely. Believe me, you don’t want to mess with anyone she loves and cares for.

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Lola White’s ‘Always Sexy’

Born and raised in sunny Southern California, I dissed the beach scene at an early age, preferring to while away the hours scribbling stories in my room. Very little has changed. I’m still the geeky gal who rarely tans, drinks too much coffee and believes that making love – not war – will save us all.

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Moctezuma Johnson

Whether I was lucky enough to meet Shelby Kent-Stewart in a smoky pool hall while on tour hustling folks across the globe or in the ill-fated and now defunct I Love Erotica group (the first group I would be kicked out of, incidentally) can be neither confirmed nor denied. Either way, we have remained in contact ever since and I’ve come to admire her as a person, an activist, a thinker, a pool hustler, and a writer. Her prose is the cogent writing of an avid reader, a clear thinker, and a person in full control of herself and her craft.

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Lilah E. Noir

Today in the Author Spotlight I have a very special lady as a guest. I’m thrilled to introduce to you Ms. Shelby Kent-Stewart, political speech writer, sex-positive feminist, animals right advocate and so much more. Shelby also writes smart and sexy erotic romance with a dynamic plot, crisp dialogue, and fabulous characters.

Lilah: Welcome to our spotlight, Shelby. You warn the Internet passer-by on your Twitter page not to ask about your transition from political speech writing to erotic romance. Still, it is a way too fascinating question to be passed by. What attracted you to that genre that many think of as “cheap housewife porn”? When and how did you start writing erotic romance?

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Sallyann Phillips

I met Shelby Kent-Stewart on Twitter, and again on Facebook. We became fast friends and have very similar fiery attitudes, along with a slightly odd sense of humour. We can go weeks without chatting, but when we do get together it’s as if no time as passed at all and we carry on where we left off. I adore her quick wit and take no prisoners attitude, the tremendous love of life she has that draws everyone into her circle, and her nurturing ways.

Shelby was born and raised in sunny California, and is a self-professed geeky girl who drinks too much coffee and believes making love (not war) will save us all.

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Stephen Moran

The brave Stephen Moran asked me to list 5 quirky things people might not know about me…and I did.

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