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  1. Shauna Urban

    Hi Shelby, just saw you hv a website & of course I wanted to join! Hope all is well & cngrats!!n

    • Shelby Kent-Stewart

      Hi, Shauna! Thank you. I love it when our paths cross. You’re such a doll. Hugs, S

  2. Autumn Raynne

    Great website! Did you do this yourself? Very professional! Your books look great can’t wait to read! If you have time check me out on thanks!

    • Shelby Kent-Stewart

      Thanks, Autumn! Actually, I worked with a fabulous website designer who nailed it (and me) on the very first go. One of the best things about what we do is crossing paths with fab new writers and making friends. Going to your website now. xoxox S

  3. Naya Free

    Hi, Shelby! Love your website, it’s lovely, like you. And I look forward to your newsletter, sure to be fun and exciting! Best, Naya

  4. David Lee

    Wow i love your website Shelby Kent Stewart. Totally awesome. I have subscribed for a newsletter on up and coming info thanks so much

  5. Joseph

    Having read several of your books I can say your articulation and command of the written word is SUPERB, your ability, without question! Surprise and twists in plot abound from chapter to chapter and what sounds like the opening line to a joke, “A Vampire, a Werewolf and a Wizard walk into a bar” and what happens next, I can’t say here. However, I now understand why it’s called ‘Erotic Romance’, let’s say, I find your writing quite arousing….Your style is at times, very bold, most captivating, can’t wait to read MORE of your books, would love to meet any of your female characters…grooowl. Your devoted fan, Joseph

  6. Greg Anderson

    Hey Shelby,
    Just subscribed. Hope to get to a signing somewhere out west.


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