For Love of Honor

Coming soon!

After running afoul of a nefarious criminal in her native Ireland, Pediatric Cardiologist Honor Delaney has faked her death and fled her homeland for the safety and obscurity of California’s lush central coast.

Reinvented as Cassie Burrows, bartender extraordinaire, she lands a job at The Trident and catches the eye of Dr. Dylan Hunt, psychiatrist, armchair sleuth and royal pain in her ass.

Dylan didn’t want to fall in love with the sexy vanilla bartender. He wanted a quick down-and-dirty encounter and then move on to greener pastures. But fate stepped in, and before he knew it, she was in his bed, his heart and they were both up to their necks in the kind of international intrigue that neither bargained for but must survive if they wanted a shot at happily ever after.

Book 3 in the Wicked Tails Stories | See All Wicked Tails Stories

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  1. Sandra de Gouveia

    O wow, this is going to be a hot read…. i hope it comes soon. I need my next fix. Thank you for amazing stories Shelby. xxx


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