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A Swann By Any Other Name: Meet Bella

Several months ago, I wrote a blog about On-line Writer Groups: The Perks and Pitfalls in which I stated that, despite my less than stellar experience with several (make that many) groups, I was nonetheless gratified to have met a handful of people I...

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Moctezuma Johnson: The Man, The Myth, The Mensch

Enthusiastically described as the King of Smutpunk, Bukowski on steroids, and my personal favorite, Kerouac with lube, Moctezuma Johnson is many things to many people. A writer of exceptional talent and wit, he pumps out quality smut at a mind-blowing...

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On-line Writer Groups: The Perks and Pitfalls

Writing is a lonely job. Google those five words and you’ll find dozens of pros penning variations on the theme. It seems everyone from Hemingway to King has weighed in on it, and who are we to dispute the late, great Asimov? Ironically, and as any writer will attest,...

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A Knight to Remember: Scarlett in the House

As a writer, I’m often filled with trepidation when starting a book by an author I’ve not read before, especially one I’ve grown to admire on a personal level. Imagine my relief when only two or three pages in, I realized my fears were groundless and The Art House was...

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The Book Review: Gif or Gaffe by K. T. McColl

As an indie author, my books have from time to time merited a review, and as a member of a large tribe of indie authors, I have endeavored to help my comrades along by penning reviews of their works. Aside from sales, reviews provide the best validation of a writer's...

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